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I am delighted to be able to offer current and new patients Telehealth consultations. 

Using my encrypted clinical programme, Cliniko, I am able to conduct 100% secure video consultations online. You do not need any special equipment other than your phone/tablet or computer. Once you have made an appointment I will send you a link that you simply click on at the time of your appointment and we will be connected! This means in situations where I might not able to see you in person, I am still able to support you. 


Online Initial Consultation For Women’s Health

Many of you know me first and foremost as an acupuncturist but, if you have already been to see me, you will understand there is so much more to a consultation than just needles. Offering consultations covering all aspects of Women’s Health this is an opportunity to learn more about your health, learn steps you can take to improve your health and also have the support you might need to put these suggestions into practise. In addition, I will be able to teach you how to use several of the different treatment modalities that are also encompassed in the tradition of Chinese Medicine, which under proper guidance, are effective for continued care. These include:

  • Acupressure
  • Ear seeds
  • Moxa
  • Gua sha
  • Qi Gong
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

Please allow an hour and a half for an initial consultations. If you are already one of my patients who I normally treat face to face, there is no need for an initial consultation – we can pick up where we left off.


Online Follow Up Consultation For Women’s Health

These consultations are one hour and the format will be very similar to a face-to-face consultation, meaning I will spend half an hour reviewing how you are, discussing any health issues you are experiencing and giving you tools to resolve them. Although I will not be able to take your pulse, I will be able to continue using Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue and facial diagnosis. And, as you all know, talking is my preferred method of diagnosis! 

I will conclude the consultation using one or more of the above forms of treatment. My aim is that you leave feeling as relaxed and rejuvenated as you do after needles.


Online Fertility Consultations 

I fully understand that the current closure of fertility clinics due to Coronavirus will be incredibly difficult for many couples. However, there is still so much you can do during this time to nurture your fertility, to ensure you are in the best possible health and ready to move forward once life returns to normal.

For those of you who know you need medical intervention to allow your dreams of a family to come true, I completely understand that this situation is in no way easy, and that health issues that have been identified are not going to magically disappear because you have to stay at home. I realise that having to wait even longer for treatment may be truly devastating. I would like to offer you support at this time and help you with coping strategies, and also help you to use this time as an opportunity to further nourish your body and mind in preparation for your fertility treatment.

For others who are at the beginning of your fertility journey this is a wonderful opportunity to find out what your body needs in order to support your natural fertility. It is a chance to focus on your body’s physical and emotional needs, and to gain a clear understanding of your cycle, to allow you to maximise fertility. I always recommend my patients allow three months to prepare for pregnancy, so now is the perfect time to start!

During the course of your Fertility Consultation I will take a full medical history to ensure a clear understanding of your health, incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools such as tongue and facial diagnosis. I will also take a detailed fertility history including a thorough analysis of your menstrual cycle and review any fertility tests or procedures you have had to date. Given it takes two to be fertile I would also be happy to review your partner’s test results at the same time.

Having assessed your history I will create a bespoke treatment plan for you and go through any advice I feel is relevant to you personally to allow you to maximise your fertility, including advice on lifestyle, diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing.   I will teach you how to interpret the signals your body gives you in order to understand your fertility including tools you can use to gain a clear picture of where you are in your cycle. I will also help you to understand the sometimes confusing language of fertility such as: 

  • what does your AMH level actually mean to your fertility?
  • what is your FSH and why does it matter?
  • how do you monitor fertile mucus?
  • when is the right time to check your Progesterone levels?
  • why is your thyroid important?

The list can seem endless and overwhelming.

In addition, should I feel you would benefit from any medical tests I will explain what they are and why I feel they would be relevant to you. If further medical support is needed I will refer you to a trusted fertility consultant who I feel would best suit your needs.  Your consultation will be followed up with a written report detailing all recommendations made.

To conclude the consultation I will incorporate one of the several different treatment modalities encompassed in the tradition of Chinese Medicine, which under proper guidance, are effective for continued care. These include:

  • Acupressure
  • Ear seeds
  • Moxa
  • Gua sha
  • Qi Gong
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

My hope is for you to leave your consultation with a clear idea of where you are now and what you can do on a day to day basis to bring you closer to your goal. Please be assured that I am here for you and look forward to helping you on your fertility journey.


Online Fertility Follow Up Consultations

 This initial consultation is supported by 4 weekly follow up consultations of an hour to answer any questions that may have arisen over the course of the week. It is also a chance to discuss what has been going well and what you may have found to be more challenging giving me the opportunity to help you overcome any difficulties and offer ongoing support. 

I will conclude the treatment using one or more of the above forms of Traditional Chinese treatments. My aim is that you leave feeling as relaxed and rejuvenated as you do after needles.



I understand that this type of appointment may be new to you, therefore I would be delighted to offer you a FREE 15 minute Telehealth consultation to give you an opportunity to see what it is like and make sure it is right for you.

Please click on the link below to book your free consultation.


Justine is an acupuncturist, fertility coach and women's health expert with over 29 years' experience. She specialises in all aspects of women's health from adolescence to post-menopause, offering consultations both online and in person.


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