Reduce Your Exposure to Chemical Toxicity and Oestrogen



Food & Water

To prevent exposure to harmful toxic chemicals it is important to avoid BPA and ‘BPA-Free’ products.  Chemicals that replaced BPA may be just as harmful to your health.

  • Use glass for drinking water at home and on the go.   
  • Avoid sports and plastic bottles.  Never re-use plastic bottles or drink from those that have been left to warm in the sun.
  • Use mesh bags for storing food in the fridge instead of plastic or Tupperware.
  • Use beeswax or vegan soya wax coverings for dishes inside the fridge, or for lunches.
  • Never put warm food into any container which has plastic – including those which are glass but have plastic lids. Heating plastic is to be avoided at all times.
  • When grilling food, use stainless steel grill baskets instead of foil.


Household Cleaning

Small changes in our cleaning caddy can reduce exposure to harmful substances and make our indoor environment safer.  They may also save you money!

  • Use ecological Brands such as Ecover, Method, Bentley Organics or Dr Bronner.
  • Try the Koh Cleaning system.
  • Use natural products such as white vinegar and lemon juice.
  • For bleach, only use an earth friendly product.



Leading Brands of laundry detergent contain harmful chemicals which may be very damaging to our health and the environment.

  • Use only unscented (or scented with oil), non-toxic detergents.  Most of the brands listed above produce laundry detergent.


Sanitary Products

If you look at the ingredients in regular sanitary wear, you’ll be rather surprised to see what we are putting inside us, and against the most vulnerable and absorbent parts of our bodies.

I recommend switching to Natracare or Cottons as a first option. But, even better, to washable pads. These days, they are amazing quality, totally customisable in terms of flow and size, and can be popped in a bag until the period is done and then given a 30 degree wash to clean. I recommend the fabulously named Fanny Padams.


Makeup, Hair and Skin Care

There can be so many harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals in the leading brands of make-up,  skincare and hair products.  Clever marketing techniques can easily fool us.  It’s always best to do your research and check the ingredients carefully. Look out for toxic ingredients such as  parabens, silicons, sulphates and terms like ‘Fragrance’ where chemicals can be hidden.  Use the EWG database to check products if you are unsure.

When an old product runs out, use it as an opportunity to replace it with a cleaner alternative.  Fortunately, there are many companies making quality non-toxic products that truly work!

My favourite products are from Content Beauty, Naturisimo,  Tropic Skincare Weleda, Urtekram and Green People.

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