I hope this selection of testimonials from my patients gives you a clearer idea of how I work and the conditions I treat.

Due to the very personal nature of the testimonials some names have been changed.

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Justine is not only a fantastic acupuncturist who helped me through my pregnancy but she is also like a therapist who looks after you emotionally as well as physically. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Kate Freud - Daily Mail, Grazia, Red Magazine

Not only is Justine kind, understanding and extremely talented, but she also has magic needles. I came to her during a very low period in my life when I was struggling, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant. I was doing IVF, having done years of fertility treatment including taking clomid, plus artificial insemination (IUI), I had done everything, tried everything and was feeling extremely emotional and devoid of hope. And Justine was the person who got me through. Her weekly sessions were like therapy. She listened, empathised, advised, and all the while she worked on my fertility with her needles. When I did finally tell her I was pregnant, she didn’t look the least surprised. She had known I was at the session the week before!

Whatever your health problem is, I think Justine is the answer. She was so supportive and brilliant and tenacious when my chips were well and truly down, I honestly don’t think I’d have my daughter without her.

Imogen Edwards Jones - The Stork Club and Hotel Bablyon

“I started seeing Justine for help with the menopause. It was in large part thanks to her that I was able to stop taking Hormone Replacement Therapy.

When I lie on that treatment bed, I can actually feel the vital energy flowing through my body, the warmth returning to my feet and toes.  I feel calm and at peace. The only time I’ve ever experienced a similar feeling of bliss is when, in hospital, I’ve been given morphine”

Sarah Vine - Get the Gloss and The Daily Mail

“Justine is nothing short of amazing. Combining incredible skill with  great empathy and listening skills, she has been a rock to many of our ladies, both those who may have struggled to get pregnant and those who have found pregnancy or the postnatal period challenging. Whether suffering from morning sickness, back pain or stress, Justine works her magic and our ladies have nothing but praise for Justine. If only we could clone her…

Louisa Van den Bergh - LuluBaby

Justine is an experienced, skilled and very effective practitioner who is warm and caring in her approach. I frequently refer clients for fertility, pregnancy and hormonal treatments to her and the success rate she has with such clients is excellent. She also complements the work I do with clients who present with symptoms of anxiety. I would thoroughly recommend seeing her.

Dr Nihara Krause PhD, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I was recommended to see Justine by a friend, when I was having trouble conceiving my second child.  It had not only taken a while but I also had a number of miscarriages.  Seeing Justine was not only clearly good for my fertility, within months I was pregnant and carried my daughter to term but my appointments with Justine were like a ‘well being tonic’.  Her manner and understanding is wonderful and she not only helped me through my pregnancy but has helped me since though countless stresses and illnesses.

I highly recommend Justine for fertility acupuncture and beyond.

Sarah Gosling - Double Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Justine is a fantastic practitioner. She’s been a trusted confidant throughout a particularly difficult time in my life, supporting my physical and emotional health during a period of Post Traumatic Stress, IVF and my first pregnancy. We’ve seen each other regularly for the over a year and I would recommend her to anybody looking to improve their physical wellbeing. I rate the benefits of acupuncture and her care so much that even in late pregnancy I waddled across London to go and see her, during one of the hottest summers we’ve ever experienced!
Sally Kettle - Speaker, Author, Adventurer

After 30 years in private practice I think I am uniquely qualified to make a statement as strong as this: Justine Hankin is probably the most remarkable acupuncturist I have ever worked with. She combines expert knowledge with deep intuition to bring about quick and lasting positive health changes.
Max Tomlinson - Founder GoFigure

As a GP I felt well equipped to start my fertility journey. In fact it all seemed very straight forward when, within a few months of trying, I fell pregnant. 

Unfortunately the pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage and a surgical procedure. We were devastated.  Once we plucked up the courage to start again, we found it more difficult to conceive as my cycles had become irregular.  It was at this point I started acupuncture treatment with Justine, with the aim of relieving stress and regulating my cycles.  

Following a second miscarriage she advised me to consider having my Natural Killer cells checked. She explained that whilst rare, if it was indeed an issue it could be the cause of my recurrent miscarriages. I therefore sought a review at a well known miscarriage clinic, who found I did in fact have raised NK cells. At this point I began treatment for raised NK cells alongside IVF.

As a doctor, I found the process of being a patient myself, the medication and treatment difficult.  Justine supported me throughout this process.  She allowed me to talk in a confidential, open environment, and her expert treatments continued to make me feel like a new person week by week.  I have reached my goal and I am now thankfully 6 months pregnant.

I feel I would not have reached this stage of pregnancy without Justine’s treatments, advice, support and kindness. I would strongly recommend her to any woman going through a similar struggle.

Dr Susan J-T, General Practitioner (Age 35)

I feel extremely lucky to have met Justine and to have benefitted from her treatments. We had suffered several miscarriages – each loss bringing heartache. Justine’s warmth and compassion, combined with her skills as a highly trained acupuncturist, helped to restore the balance within. I would look forward to my sessions with her, which brought relaxation and at the same time left me feeling re-energised. Justine helps you take an holistic approach to whatever your problem, happily working alongside conventional medicine. We now have a beautiful daughter and are hugely grateful to Justine and her needles.

Dr Katherine Lewis, General Practitioner (Age 39)

Women’s Health

When I first started seeing Justine I wasn’t seriously ill or in pain, however, I knew I could feel better.

I have had Crohn’s disease for over 10 years which has, luckily, remained well controlled and rarely effects my day to day life. However my body was definitely inefficient and worn out; I was tired, my skin was dull with regular break outs, I had night sweats most nights, I felt exhausted after eating and I didn’t have much energy to go out and make the most of being 25 in London.

I understand none of these are particularly sensational, and in fact many people working hard in London feel this way, however I am now living free of all of these symptoms thanks to Justine, and it’s made a huge difference to my life.

Justine’s acupuncture treatments, lifestyle and nutritional advice has made a huge difference to how I feel every day, and has enabled me to feel like I can work hard, endure stress, and enjoy my life in London with just small changes. With energy to go for a run in the evenings, skin that people comment on (in a good way), no night sweats, and the ability to bounce back after a late night or stressful time in the office, I can’t recommend Justine enough.

Henrietta, Age 25

I hate needles, but somehow Justine’s technique is so natural and comforting that I forget all about them. I have had horrendous period pains and PMS for many years and when I mentioned this to a friend of mine (who Justine had previously helped to conceive) she recommended I too see Justine. At first I saw her on a weekly basis and slowly together we regulated my periods along with the intense anxiety and depression that PMS would bring.

I have now been seeing her for the past 7 years for several conditions. I believe the body needs energy balancing/releasing at least once a month! Therefore I currently see her every 3 to 4 weeks to keep me in check.

Working as a psychotherapist means I have a stressful job and internalise a lot of emotions, which Justine alleviates. She keeps me balanced, in alignment and calm. It’s incredible how effective acupuncture can be – I sometimes walk away feeling high – wondering whether it is the magic of the needles or Justine’s enigmatic, magnetic, reassuring personal energy!

She has a sparkle and a gift that is so unique and abundant that I feel so lucky that I found her- she has definitely had an impact on my life and would recommend her to anyone needing support in a heartbeat!  Thank you Justine!

Claudie, Age 35

I was always told that in life if you work hard you’ll get what you want. That didn’t always happen… Then I heard that with a bit of luck in life, you’ll make it… neither did that always happen. Then a very wise person told me that in life, if you come across someone who believes in you, supports you and accepts you for who you are, then you have hit the jackpot and your dreams will come true. I now believe that! Thank you for being that person for me during a tough time – I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Tabby, Age 34

Justine has been my acupuncturist (and so much more) for over twenty years. Initially handling issues like sleep problems and period pain with enormous impact on my wellbeing. She has been a constant support over the years, specifically in helping balance my wellbeing and combat the exhaustion my global role brings. I have travelled constantly over the last 15 years and am still on duty 24/7.
Today she is my weekly scaffold as we work together to manage my Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis and it’s implications. I cannot exaggerate how important a loyal and knowledgable acupuncturist can be for PD sufferers. A committed and kind practitioner, Justine is constantly researching and is right up to date on my illness and the current medical and alternative treatments available. She is an oasis in my hectic life.
She gives incredible personal support too, with her wise owl Hankin psychology.  As a sounding board with a business background, Justine understands her patients real lives and treats us with a deeper ability.
I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues over the years, all of whom treasure their time with her.  As an example: four of my colleagues became pregnant naturally after receiving treatment from Justine.
I can wholeheartedly recommend this fiercely intelligent, highly gifted acupuncturist, Justine is brilliant.
Caryn, Age 51

My husband and I had tried to conceive unsuccessfully for 9 months.  I suffer from polycystic ovaries.  My periods were always irregular and had not restarted since I came off the contraceptive pill.  After a month of seeing Justine my periods returned, and after two months I was pregnant.  It was amazing.  She even knew I was pregnant before the pregnancy test!  I now have a gorgeous bouncing baby girl, and I count Justine as her fairy godmother.  I strongly recommend you see Justine for fertility treatment.  She is an excellent listener and incredibly skilled.

Rebecca, Age 34

Justine is one of those rare and special people whom one is very fortunate to meet. She was recommended to me when I was having trouble with my menstrual cycle. I had been working in a rather stressful job for many years; frequently travelling on long haul flights – the culmination of which meant that my body had been suffering and I was having very few periods.

Seeing Justine on a regular basis helped to get my cycle back and rebalance and re-energise my body. I now have regular cycles and a much more balanced way of life. This was not just down to her depth of knowledge and phenomenal skill in acupuncture, but also due to the wonderful emotional support she provides at each session, which helps to create lasting, positive effects.

Justine is now a fundamental part of my regular health care routine. I love seeing her and cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lucy, Age 33

Justine was recommended to me by my nutritionist as I was experiencing extremely nasty premenstrual symptoms.

I met with Justine a couple of times and my symptoms disappeared. Not just subsided but literately disappeared. I now don’t experience any cramps, back or breast pain on the days before my period. I come to see Justine approximately every 2 years for a ‘top up’ treatment.

Justine is also really good at making you feel relaxed and has a very calming aura. I can’t recommend her enough.

Chloe, Age 35

There are times in life when we just have to step outside of the box and explore something new. If the usual way you approach your health and wellbeing isn’t giving you the solution to the problem or peace of mind, then you might well be lucky enough to know someone who has ‘been there, done that’.

I was one of those lucky people when a friend of mine, some twenty years ago, told me to go and see the inimitable Justine Hankin. As far as women’s health goes, Justine can usually fix it. Along with her skill and all encompassing knowledge of how our bodily systems are connected and her gifted intuition, she has it covered.

She has successfully brought me back from the brink of emotional grief, sorted out my digestive problems, back pain, trigger finger and thumbs, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal Candida, active Epstein Barr, the menopause and all the pleasantries that come with it, and is currently treating my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Walking into her treatment room is so welcoming, it is like walking in to see ‘Mother Nature’ herself. Immediately she puts you at ease with her warmth, understanding and positive outlook. The treatments are deeply relaxing and sleep inducing and she takes great care never to go beyond your comfort level. You will come out of there smiling and you will learn some fascinating things about yourself along the way. No matter what reason you have for finding yourself at her door, you can be sure it is going to feel like you have your best friend along with you for the duration. Where would I be without Justine? In the bin probably!

Sheila, Age 60

I have been having acupuncture treatments with Justine for over three years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Each treatment is so much more than acupuncture.  Justine has an educated, informed, holistic approach to her patient where she treats, not just the physical ailments that she was sought out for, but she also treats the mental and emotional die of her patients.

Each treatment begins with a thorough discussion of what her patient is experiencing physically, emotionally and mentally.  She then incorporates this information to treat, through her acupuncture technique, the entire person.

The second half of the session, one is left for half an hour to allow the acupuncture to take effect, with Justine understanding that the treatment is more effective if the patient is allowed to reach a deeply relaxed, near meditative state.

Justine takes so much time with each person, which is rare in today’s hurried world of trying to fit in as much as we can.  She will offer advice on supplements, both traditional herbs used in Chinese medicine as well as western supplements.  Justine is incredibly well versed on up-to-date research in health and well being.  While she specialises in women’s health issues, for which I originally went to her, she has treated me across many physical ailments and helped with stress related emotional ones.  It’s a great pleasure to recommend Justine to anyone seeking better health.

Lisa , Age 52

I was chronically suffering from what seemed to be an untreatable UTI, (I had already seen a number of experts in the field of urology) when I was lucky enough to meet someone who recommended that I go and see the ‘amazing’ Justine Hankin.  Justine was nothing short of a life saver!  I arrived in what I can only describe as a shadow of my former self, nothing so far had worked; I had been prescribed at least six different antibiotics,  and a cocktail of other medicines.  I was at the end of my tether, my work was suffering as well as my emotional well being,  but within my first hour and a half consultation with Justine I felt like I had been thrown a life line.   Finally here was someone who truly understood what I was going through, and could begin to help me make sense of it.  Justine had seen this before, and her warmth, sensitivity and curiously gave me the confidence to trust that I could make a complete recovery.

Over the next six months, Justine’s holistic approach to getting me back to absolute health again was extraordinary. She was wonderfully open and transparent in saying that there was no overnight fix and that she would also work alongside any specialist if need be.  So for me undertaking regular acupuncture, and a commitment to being open to all the support and advice Justine was able to offer,  alongside her in-depth understanding of UTI’s,  improvement started to take place with the month.   It was an amazing journey and Justine held my hand all the way to full recovery.  Justine is not only a fantastic practitioner but also has a wealth of experience in general health and well being and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough !!

Antonia, Age 56

I have known and been treated by Justine for over 10 years. She has helped me through a number of issues, physically and emotionally with her wonderful needles.

She always has a sympathetic and understanding attitude combined with amazing advice.

Justine is always the person I turn to with any health or emotional problem. I feel very fortunate that she is part of my life and I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend her.

Karen, Age 60

I started seeing Justine when I was extremely run down and my autoimmune hepatitis had flared up badly. After just a few sessions, I felt like a new woman, and continue to see her whenever I have any sort of problem. She is just fantastic.

Susan, Age 38

Justine has been treating me for almost 10 years, firstly for heavy periods, fatigue and anaemia, In recent years for symptoms of the menopause, anxiety, and through a very stressful personal situation. Justine is extremely knowledgeable in all matters relating to women’s health issues, she always gives the best help and advice and has complete empathy with how you are feeling. I always feel so much better after a treatment with Justine, physically and emotionally. I cannot recommend Justine highly enough not only as an incredible acupuncturist, but also as someone you always feel better for seeing.

Fiona, Age 51

I have known Justine Hankin and been a client for more than twenty years. I met her at my local surgery and still remember the very day.

I was a single parent, holding down a stressful job and suffering from what I realise now must have been both fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Justine was marvellous … she listened to me.  Then explained clearly what was happening to me, gave me a treatment. Also suggested dietary changes, to take up Yoga or Pilates… After the treatment – I slept that night.

Since then, I try, as a matter of health and general well being, to see Justine once a month… I believe she helps me maintain a strong physical and emotional balance.

In short, over the years, Justine has helped me through physical symptoms: menopause, arthritis and sinusitis as well as emotional: divorce, redundancy and death of a good friend.  She makes you feel whole. The world is a better place with Justine.

Victoria, Age 60


Suffering through a two and a half year struggle with infertility to conceive our second child was undoubtedly one of the most difficult times in my life.  After so many failures, including 7 rounds of IUI and 4 rounds of IVF, I was beginning to lose hope.  Justine and I met a couple of months after a devastating miscarriage.  I was in rough shape.  I had lost faith in my doctor, I was becoming confused with the process and I was close to giving up.

Our first appointment lasted almost two hours.  She rearranged her schedule to sit with me as I reviewed everything we had been through, never feeling rushed.  She listened intently to every part of our story, offering support, handing me tissues and asking all of the right questions.  Justine is a rare combination of someone that can help with the emotional toll that fertility treatment can take while also being extremely knowledgeable with the complex medical IVF process.  She reviewed all of my files (blood-work and all) and explained so many things that I didn’t quite understand.  Over the course of my treatment, she prepped me for my appointments so that I knew exactly what questions to ask.  She helped me decide when it was time to switch specialists and guided me to find someone that was right for me.

In addition to the emotional support, Justine developed a complementary protocol to help my body heal and to prepare it for further rounds of treatment and hopefully pregnancy.  In my case, this included weekly acupuncture, daily supplements and some changes to my diet and exercise routines.  We met every week for almost a year and through 3 rounds of IVF.  She was with me every step of the way and we couldn’t have done it without her support.

As I look at my beautiful 7-month old daughter, it is almost hard to remember the struggle we went through to bring her into this world.  Justine was an absolute godsend to me … and to my family.    She’s the one you want by your side as you go through this difficult journey.  I cannot thank her enough.  With love and gratitude.

Sarah, Age 40

I first went to Justine to help me prepare for a round of IVF. She was recommended to me by a friend as she is extremely knowledgeable about the IVF process.

Acupuncture has been proven to improve your chances of pregnancy and Justine explained the benefits to me as well as suggesting some lifestyle changes that would also help.

During my time with Justine I discovered that I had endometriosis. My treatment was adjusted and my periods were less painful as a result – something I didn’t think was possible.

Justine is more than an acupuncturist, she’s a fertility expert. She guided us physically and emotionally through a difficult time and we are pregnant now.  I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone who is looking to improve their chances of pregnancy.

Kathy, Age 34

Thank you so very much for all your years of wonderful needles. You are so much more than needles though, your unfaltering support, encouragement and positivity was incredible, you picked me up on the bad days and rejoiced with me on the good days. I am indebted to you for the years of treatment and I can happily say that I know your treatment and support through my IVF was a massive contributor to the wonderful arrival of our 2 beautiful babies. I sing your praises, you are a blessing. And too, your words taught me a lot and I hold them strong; I always think of you when I am eating a pear!

Victoria, Age 31

I truly believe that without Justine’s expertise, acupuncture treatments and emotional support I wouldn’t be where I am now – 38 weeks pregnant, happy, full of energy and feeling prepared and excited for the birth of my first child.

Justine guided me expertly, with such kindness and understanding through the preparation for conception, the conception and the pregnancy itself.

I came to Justine in my early thirties when I wanted to start a family, with the initial aim of regulating my menstrual cycles (which happened in 2 months!). However at my first appointment, I didn’t realise how emotional I actually was and was harbouring many anxieties about getting pregnant.  Justine calmed my anxieties immediately. She listened, empathised and advised. It was clear from this moment that she had an incredible understanding of both the emotional and physical aspects of the journey or fertility and pregnancy.

Justine is an expert in the field of fertility. Through her holistic approach she clearly explained the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  She explained that I was blood deficient, and as pregnancy is a very blood rich condition through acupuncture, diet, and Chinese medicine this was a key physical condition I needed to improve as my body was not ready yet for conception.

Her weekly sessions were like therapy, I confided in her more than anyone and her reassuring nature gave me the confidence I would succeed. Justine helped me to gain strength, physically and emotionally and after 6 months of seeing Justine I fell pregnant. I cannot emphasise enough the role she played.

Through my pregnancy Justine helped me with everything, from nutrition, morning sickness, keeping my energy levels up, to understanding my pregnancy and what I needed to keep me and the baby healthy and happy. My baby kicks inside at every appointment! She honestly resolved any issues I had and is magic with needles (a cold, a knee injury, a virus).

As I now start to prepare for the birth, I know that Justine will be there every step of the way to treat, support and guide me so when the time comes for the little one to arrive I will be relaxed, confident and strong.

So I am incredibly grateful to have found Justine who has given me incredible support, kindness and positivity. Justine is nothing short of a miracle worker.

Bex, Age 35

I first heard of Justine Hankin when I was reading The Stork Club by Imogen Edwards-Jones who had been one of Justine’s patients.

The first appointment lasted about 90 minutes. We talked a lot, questions about medical history but also about diet, routines and work. I remember crying quite a lot at that appointment especially when she put some needles on the top of my head.  It was like somebody had opened a tap and I just couldn’t stop crying. I felt wonderful after that! Came out of the room and phoned my husband on the way to the station. I don’t think he had heard me so uplifted and positive in a very long time.

After that, I saw Justine every week. She worked on me bit by bit. Liver, digestive system, blood flow and nourishment, you name it, she worked on it and got me really in tune with my body.

We got ready for IVF. Body and mind. Justine’s commitment to help me going through the IVF was outstanding. She made sure she was available to see me at all key times and if for some reason she wasn’t around that day, she made sure I was looked after by one of her equally experienced colleagues. And it wasn’t like go and see so and so. That practitioner, knew everything about what we were doing. Justine had told them exactly what they needed to work on that week. I just couldn’t believe the time and care she was putting in me.

I had a baby girl and then two years later a baby boy. I know, without a doubt, that Justine was an extremely important part in getting them both here and for that, I will always be grateful.

If you are looking for somebody to help you get ready for fertility treatment I could not recommend Justine enough.  She is truly amazing.

Oh and if you go and see her, ask her to give you her Chinese Chicken Soup recipe! I know she will be pleased to hear I make it quite often although I had to turn down the heat a bit now that the kids have it too.

Marie, Age 38

Without Justine, my battle to have a child would have had a very different outcome. Thanks to Justine’s help, I conceived naturally, despite being over 40. Justine did far more than just boost my fertility: she helped me emotionally and even gave me nutritional supplements which all contributed to a successful outcome. Her unflagging kindness, real concern and support were a tremendous boon and even re-energised me during an otherwise anxious time.

I first heard about Justine from my NHS GP who said she’d initially been dubious about acupuncture but had seen Justine “perform miracles” with women whom doctors had written off.

Justine has a magical touch but above all it’s her abiding care and warmth which make her truly special.

Michelle, 42

I feel extremely lucky to have met Justine and to have benefitted from her treatments. We had suffered several miscarriages – each loss bringing heartache. Justine’s warmth and compassion, combined with her skills as a highly trained acupuncturist, helped to restore the balance within. I would look forward to my sessions with her, which brought relaxation and at the same time left me feeling re-energised. Justine helps you take an holistic approach to whatever your problem, happily working alongside conventional medicine. We now have a beautiful daughter and are hugely grateful to Justine and her needles.

Dr Katherine Lewis, GP, Age 39

I started seeing Justine for acupuncture when my husband and I were trying to have a baby (and had sadly experienced a miscarriage). She is very kind and perceptive – each session starts with a chat – and the treatment sessions themselves were excellent. It wasn’t an overnight solution, but Justine’s treatments really helped me on several levels not only in preparation for and during pregnancy, but afterwards as well. Best of all, we now have a gorgeous daughter to show for it!

Sarah, Age 33

I first went to see Justine with an irregular cycle following a miscarriage. Justine was an enormous support to me immediately and provided all round advice as well as the acupuncture. Her expertise in fertility reassured me and she helped me make some very simple lifestyle changes. Within weeks I was much better and 2 months later I was pregnant with James. I continued to see Justine through my pregnancy and was amazed at what could be treated with acupuncture – she even sorted out my jet lag following a trip to the US with one treatment which was amazing!

Heidi, Age 35

Justine’s constant support, unwavering commitment and, obviously, her amazing skills in Chinese Medicine, were the mainstay of a fertility journey, that could, at times, be soul-destroying.  Quite simply, she got me ‘baby-ready’.  Western Science ultimately gave us our baby but it was Justine that prepared the terrain to make it all possible. For that, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Daisy, Age 34

Justine gave me acupuncture to aid my fertility as I was approaching 40 years old and after a few months of treatment I fell pregnant naturally. Her manner was reassuring, comforting and professional. Everything Justine told me would happen to my body throughout the treatment happened exactly as she said, and I found the sessions relaxing and painless. I would highly recommend her services and have done so already.

Penny, Age 41

Justine was a huge help to me as I went through fertility treatment and IVF.  Not only providing me with excellent (and relaxing!) acupuncture treatment, but also giving emotional support.  With an extensive knowledge in fertility treatment, Justine was always a comforting and informed person to talk through the latest round of tests and the next step in the process.  Her help, advice and treatment helped us through a difficult time, which happily resulted in our beautiful daughter.

Sophie, Age 32

A friend and colleague of mine recommended seeing Justine when I had problems conceiving.  I found treatment with Justine hugely helpful, emotionally supportive and nurturing and very encouraging over a prolonged period, both when I was struggling with repeated failures to conceive and when thankfully I did become pregnant, throughout the course of the pregnancy.

I can only strongly recommend her treatment and also the evidence-based advice and guidance she gave about fertility, clinics and options we could consider when we were considering our next steps and options. I can only strongly recommend  treatment with Justine – her help has been invaluable!

Annie, Age 33

I was lucky enough to find Justine 5 years ago whilst longing for a second child. I was experiencing a family trauma at the time and was quite frankly an emotional mess, not conducive to getting pregnant! Justine was instantly welcoming, and calming, and evidently an expert in the field of fertility. The combination of her clinical expertise and reassuring nature gave me the confidence that I would succeed, and sure enough my fertility returned. I was rewarded with my second baby in due course. I would recommend Justine to anybody for help with fertility. I cannot thank you enough!

Candida, Age 36

Justine really helped me and was an essential part of my overall fertility treatment.  She is kind, extremely professional and really goes the extra mile.

Justine was very knowledgeable about how acupuncture could complement the rest of my treatment and took a lot of time discussing the overall process with me and what to expect.

Apart from the positive results of the acupuncture treatment, Justine helped me through the unpredictable journey of IVF and pregnancy with so much care and, most importantly, a deep understanding of what I was going through.

I am just sorry that our paths do not cross now that my treatment is over and I have my gorgeous twins!

Laura, Age 36

I had weekly and sometimes more often acupuncture sessions with Justine whilst going through three rounds of IVF, two of which were successful.  Who knows if it helped in getting pregnant, but what I can tell you is that Justine is a wonderfully calming person to chat to, acupuncture made me really relax and de stress and when you are at that stage, you will do anything that might increase your chances of pregnancy!

Acupuncture definitely helped the discomfort following the egg retrieval. On the first round of IVF I felt like my stomach had been beaten up after the egg removal. For the second round I had acupuncture before the general anesthetic and it was noticeably less painful afterwards.

Justine was also great in bringing down my blood pressure after the birth.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and feel lucky to have found her.

Angela, Age 34

I came to Justine quite depleted. Her wonderful, calm and genuinely compassionate manner was instantly uplifting and after only a few months I noticed an improvement in myself, both physically and mentally. We now have three healthy, happy children and if it wasn’t for Justine, her wonderful treatments and sage advice I do think I would have begun to lose hope.

Anna, Age 39

“When I was struggling to conceive, I looked forward to seeing Justine every week – from the off she was very friendly and I felt I could open up with her very easily. But she soon became an extension of my family, and I enjoyed her friendship, our conversations and the way she put me at ease with nothing more than calm, safe and warm advice. She was with me every step of the way through my IVF, and was never anything but super positive. She played a huge part in my eventual very happy outcome, and I owe her a lot”

Francesca, Age 34

Thank you! Thank you for my sleepless nights! Thank you for my fat belly! Thank you for the utter chaos in my life right now! Because without you and your magic in the acupuncture room I truly believe that we would not be blessed with our beautiful little Florence. I came to you when I was at a complete low having lost our baby in the 4th month and having to make the very tough decision at the age of 49 of whether to go through the whole process of egg donation IVF once again. You not only gave me the best acupuncture I have had (I have had quite a lot in my life) but you also gave me refuge within the storm of my life right then, and gave me hope and gave me strength, both physical and spiritual. I always felt that you not only fed my body, but also my soul, with your magic needles!

You are truly wonderful and a life saver and a life giver!  Thank you.

Alex, Age 50

I arrived at Justine’s clinic a tightly wound balled up mess. Having been trying for a baby for nigh on 4 years my whole world was consumed by checking my temperature, peeing on sticks and turning to Dr Google at every possible opportunity. Justine was the first person who I felt really understood me and managed to tap into my cynical brain and allowed me to stop with the constant worrying and look up and ahead to a positive future. She worked with me to unravel my tension through diet, chinese herbs and acupuncture and my weekly sessions with her were so wonderful. She would re-set me for the week ahead with her positivity and needlework.

In January I had my little boy, Sebastian. The feeling when he arrived was beyond joy and I truly believe that without Justine’s help he would not be here.

Michelle, Age 34

Justine is one of life’s rare treasures, not only is she an expert in her field but she is incredibly caring, kind and intuitive understanding the frustrations and emotions that are all part of the fertility journey. She has a knack for reading you like a book and forcing you to find that all important balance in life.

Emma, Age 37

A friend and colleague of mine recommended seeing Justine when I had problems conceiving.  I found treatment with Justine hugely helpful, emotionally supportive and nurturing and very encouraging over a prolonged period, both when I was struggling with repeated failures to conceive and when thankfully I did become pregnant, throughout the course of the pregnancy. I can only strongly recommend her treatment and also the evidence-based advice and guidance she gave about fertility, clinics and options we could consider when we were considering our next steps and options. I can only strongly recommend  treatment with Justine and her help has been invaluable!

Libby, Age 43

I have known Justine for over 7 years, we originally were introduced through a friend when I discovered I needed fertility treatment to start a family. Whilst I had an excellent medical team I credit Justine for getting me through 3 years of fertility treatment, it was a roller coaster and I believe acupuncture both mentally and physically prepared me. I was lucky enough to have two successful pregnancies and Justine treated my throughout also giving me lots of invaluable practical advise along the way such as supplements to take post birth to reduce the pain.

I still go for acupuncture for general well being and Justine has ‘fixed’ so many things like my irregular menstrual cycle and persistent cold sores.

If Justine can fit you into her schedule you are very fortunate as she is truly an exceptional person.

Phoebe, Age 36

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for many years and unfortunately I had suffered a number of bouts of ill health.  A friend recommended Justine as being a very sympathetic practitioner and from the first time I met her she was wonderfully calm and reassuring.   She seemed to really understand what I had been through, and set about treating me.  It felt like I could relax in her presence and she made me feel more and more like the old me each time I went to see her.

At the same time I was fortunate to have a wonderful gynaecologist who did as much as he possibly could for me, and also Justine, whom I thought of as my personal holistic healer.  After many ups and downs, Justine supported me all along the journey of IVF, like a big sister, always with a kind, smiling face and just the right thing to say.  I could not have found anyone more sympathetic, professional or reassuring to give me such personal support and treatment.

It has been a long difficult journey but we are incredibly lucky and now have a beautiful baby boy.

Abby, Age 45

I came to see Justine after 2 years’ of unsuccessfully trying to conceive with polycystic ovaries and unpredictable, rare periods. After having done 3 rounds of Clomid and undergone various operations, I saw Justine and immediately wished I had met her years before.

It’s no coincidence that after just 7 weeks of being in her care I found out I was pregnant – unbelievable! She supported my whole health and well-being during pregnancy with acupuncture and I truly believe she is magic and that my beautiful boy is here because of her amazing work.  She will be the first person I call when number 2 is on the cards!

Vicky, Age 32

A friend and colleague of mine recommended seeing Justine when I had problems conceiving.  I found treatment with Justine hugely helpful, emotionally supportive and nurturing and very encouraging over a prolonged period, both when I was struggling with repeated failures to conceive and when thankfully I did become pregnant, throughout the course of my pregnancy.

I can only strongly recommend her treatment and also the evidence-based advice and guidance she gave about fertility, clinics and options we could consider when we were considering our next steps and options. I can only strongly recommend treatment with Justine – her help has been invaluable.

Rebecca, Age 35

I would wholeheartedly recommend Justine as an acupuncturist. I started going to see her when I was going through a difficult time, following an illness and two miscarriages.

I had regular sessions with Justine both before and during my successful pregnancy, and I valued and looked forward to the sessions. Justine is not only a brilliant acupuncturist, but she also has an incredibly calm and reassuring manner and inspires total confidence.

Sarah, Age 39

I cannot adequately put into words my gratitude to Justine for everything she has done for us.  We now have two beautiful babies and I am certain that we wouldn’t without her help.

Justine helped me physically and emotionally while I underwent IVF and for the majority of my pregnancy.  I always felt so much better after a treatment.

I found IVF incredibly demanding at times and Justine was always there to make me feel better – sometimes with tissues to dry tears, at other times to encourage, and also to share my joy!  Justine knew I was pregnant before I took my test.  I don’t know how but she is amazing.  Thank you forever.

Kirsty, Age 35

No words can express how grateful I am to Justine for all of her help during a very difficult time. My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for a number of years and Justine was recommended to us by some friends of ours. I am certain that her treatment as well as all of her support, guidance and advice (relating to diet and lifestyle among other things) that gave us our gorgeous twin girls. We will always be grateful to her.

Priscilla, Age 37

Justine is simply brilliant.

I have been a patient of Justine for nearly 5 years. During that time she has seen, supported and treated me through a long and emotional journey with IVF.

It’s difficult to really quantify how much Justine has helped me. From the very beginning we’ve had an incredibly candid relationship. I trusted her and was completely honest with her, probably more than I was with anyone else including my husband. I was exhausted of feeling the way I did (ashamed, jealous, closed) and she helped give me the reassurance that it was okay to feel all of those things. For me that was a big hurdle and I really believe that this helped me mentally throughout the years of disappointment. She is incredibly empathetic which was in complete contrast with so many ‘fertility experts’ I had met previously.

She helped keep me positive when going into a new round and let me cry but picked me back up when they didn’t work. At times I guess she has been part therapist.

Practically speaking Justine helped with every aspect of my life, from diet considerations and supplements, to managing stress and work life balance (not sure I ever really got there with that) through to the treatments. At times I felt quite overwhelmed by seeing so many experts across the fertility field, and Justine effortlessly helped me find my path through it all.

I finally fell pregnant naturally and am due to give birth to a little girl next week. I could not have done any of it without Justine, and I truly believe I wouldn’t be here without her. Her support, professionalism, expertise and council has been more valuable than she’ll ever know.

Kate, Age 38

I totally credit Justine for getting me ready both emotionally and physically to have my third baby.  After some unexpected complications whilst trying to get pregnant, I needed to regain my strength & confidence.

Through her gentle (magic!) acupuncture technique, Justine targeted those all important pressure points to ensure my body and mind were ready for a healthy pregnancy.

Once pregnant, I longed for Justine’s sessions to relieve all my aches and pains and to give me some much needed energy boosts.  1 year after meeting her I gave birth to a very healthy 9lb baby girl.

Louisa, Age 36

Justine is an amazing lady and someone who guided me expertly through the preparation for conception, conception itself, pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Her knowledge of female fertility is certainly second to none and her approach to treatment and the care of her patients is all encompassing. Her great understanding of what I was going through made the whole process a very calm and enjoyable one and her success with me was very evident in two children! I couldn’t recommend her more highl

Olivia, Age 40

Before I met Justine, I was navigating the fertility world with a degree of worry and confusion.  I had gone through several rounds of IVF and my energy and confidence was starting to waver.  From my very first meeting with Justine, I immediately felt at ease.  Her professionalism and warmth allowed me to talk through any doubts and almost immediately re-enhanced a more positive attitude moving forward.  I found the acupuncture she practiced extremely beneficial and after what seemed like a short time, I became pregnant.  In each session, Justine would amalgamate all the information I had received from various specialists, doctors, personal research etc which I had gathered since our last meeting, and help me process the discoveries and act on them in a positive and optimistic manner.  She truly is a fantastic acupuncturist as well as a brilliant therapist. My beautiful baby girl and I can’t thank her enough!

Sonia, Age 35

A friend recommend I see Justine after 11 difficult months of trying for baby no. 2.  I couldn’t understand what was going wrong as we had conceived our first born so easily. I was disheartened and panicky and there was no help easily available to me via the usual medical routes.  To make matters worse, all my friends and family were giving me their advice on what to do and try.
From the first appointment with Justine I was instantly put at ease.  She cut through the noise and made practical and logical suggestions which made sense. Her knowledge about fertility is unrivalled and for the first time, I felt like I was in control again and actually capable of having another baby.  I took all her advice and immediately started to feel better, both physically and emotionally. I fell pregnant two cycles later and am now happily 14 weeks.
I cannot recommend Justine and her treatments highly enough to anyone who is having difficulty getting pregnant, I feel so lucky to have found her!
Sophie, Age 37


I can’t recommend Justine enough – she helped me so enormously that having initially been very sceptical about acupuncture I am now a firm believer in it.  I came to see her at a time when I was working ridiculously long and erratic hours as a lawyer in the City and felt utterly drained, exhausted and anxious all the time.  A friend told me I had to see Justine and, desperate to feel better I was prepared to try anything, the friend was right.  Justine explained the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to me and we talked about the causes of my exhaustion and helped me to make small but important changes in my daily life and diet that, together with regular acupuncture sessions, made such a difference.  Justine helped me regain my strength physically and mentally and I felt completely restored.

Two years later I became pregnant and saw Justine regularly throughout my pregnancy as my workload was heavy again with a lot of overseas travel and long hours in the office.  I really believe Justine helped to ensure the pregnancy went smoothly, despite the work pressures, and helped me maintain my strength during it.  I really can never thank Justine enough for the help she gave me.

Sarah, Age 33

When I went to see Justine I had been trying to get pregnant for several months and fell pregnant pretty much immediately following the start of treatment. I found her treatments pre and during pregnancy extremely relaxing and I have no doubts whatsoever that they were beneficial to me in pregnancy.

I had a treatment with Justine on the day prior to my son’s birth and I am convinced that this induced his birth, which was perfect timing!

I cannot recommend Justine highly enough as a a practitioner and cannot think of anyone with more extensive experience in the field of acupuncture and fertility.

Stephanie, Age 32

I fully credit Justine for helping me conceive my now healthy and happy 10 month old son. I was frustrated and exhausted with the ‘getting pregnant’ process when I went to see her and she calmed all my anxieties immediately. Justine has the most wonderful way about her, seeing her on a weekly basis and being in her sensible and encouraging presence was, for me, as important as the treatment. Every time I felt despair Justine would fill me with hope and confidence. Once I had conceived I had the easiest pregnancy and felt so well throughout, something I strongly attribute to Justine’s treatments. I will definitely be seeing her again when I start planning No2.

Josephine, Age 35

Whilst I was pregnant my acupuncture sessions with Justine were a juncture during the week when I could turn off from the outside world and feel cocooned by Justine’s care and attention.

Acupuncture seemed to ease the stress and pressures of day to day life and relax my body entirely. In turn, I felt like the baby was much more relaxed and happy inside me.

As the baby grew and my body stretched Justine was amazing at easing any aches and pains that I had, headaches, lower back ache, stretched ligaments around my tummy – they were all treated very effectively by acupuncture.

I found acupuncture an amazing way of improving my general health and being during pregnancy, ensuring that I stayed fit and healthy throughout.

In the run up to the birth, my acupuncture sessions became more regular as Justine prepared me for labour, the treatments helping to pinpoint and signal to my body the imminent arrival of my baby.

Nicole, Age 34

Justine is so much more than an Acupuncturist (and I have tried several). From the first appointment I knew I was finally in the right place. Justine took care to look at the whole body as well as the issues I presented, and she guided me through the roller coaster of 7 rounds of IVF. My mental, emotional and hormonal states were better off, thanks to her treatments. I quite simply don’t know where I would be without her.  I can’t recommend Justine enough to you get through the roller coast ride of IVF.

I had also suffered with severe back pain, which had resulted in surgery. Justine made a massive difference to my recovery, suddenly my left side felt whole, clearing the numbness I had be experiencing on an on-going basis.

Fantasically I finally fell pregnant naturally and Justine has treated me throughout my pregnancy helping me with nausea and back pain. No question is too stupid and Justine’s focus is 100% with you at all times. She offers proper practical advice and support.

Natasha, Age 38

A friend recommended Justine to me when I was thinking of having my first baby and I needed to come off some medication. I don’t feel it’s a coincidence that, having seen Justine regularly in the lead up, I got pregnant within such a short space of trying. She regulated my system and brought my body back into balance, so  that I was in the right place to have a baby. Justine was the only health care professional who I saw consistently throughout my pregnancy, and her support and treatments were my bedrock. My GP and midwife changed several times, but Justine was the constant. Not only did her skill with the acupuncture needles work wonders (my baby used to kick inside me at every appointment), but she spoke honestly with me, to prepare me as much mentally as physically for the arrival of my baby. She supported me beyond the call of duty when my baby was overdue and I will definitely be returning to her care when I try for my second child.

Joanna, Age 34

I was referred to Justine when we were having trouble conceiving our second child, having been told secondary fertility was common albeit hard to explain. Justine was the most wonderful support both emotionally and through her amazing expertise with acupuncture. When I did become pregnant again, Justine helped with morning sickness and keeping my energy levels high throughout, even easing the difficult uncomfortable last weeks considerably! I returned to Justine for my third pregnancy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help and/or support in this sensitive area- she was a godsend and I felt very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, kind and sensitive person to help through such a difficult and latterly joyful time.

Joanna, Age 34

I saw Justine from 12 weeks in my pregnancy and wish I had gone sooner! I was feeling quite ill and very run down when I went to see her. After 2 sessions the change in me was incredible and very notable from others.

I then continued to go throughout my pregnancy. I’ve loved my pregnancy and Justine has helped with everything from nutrition to understanding the pregnancy and what’s needed to keep me and the baby happy and healthy.

Both I and the baby love each session. I feel more energised and the baby has a good  bounce around, it’s like a massive feeding session for him!

I have felt great from about 4 months on and been really healthy and I know the regular Acupuncture has played a vital role in this.

Justine is so warm and lovely and genuinely interested in you and your baby. It’s been a joy to see her.

Emma, Age 33

Justine became part my life through a recommendation and every day since, I have been so thankful. In over 4 years, she has helped me manage skin issues, PCOS, stress, anxiety and most importantly, conceiving and pregnancy. I had difficulty in both conceiving and during pregnancy – severe headaches, nausea, pelvic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome – and acupuncture has been so important for me in preparing and healing my body through every one of these challenges.

I could write an essay about my experience with Justine and her work. She is truly unique in what she does and I would recommend her to every person I know – if I haven’t already!

Natalia Rosek, Age 34

I have always been terrified and fascinated at the same time by the idea of acupuncture.  Needles are my nightmare since I was a child. But when you are pregnant for the second time, a little bit at risk of depression and you have spent the last 5-6 months miserably suffering from morning sickness, not only in the morning but for 24 hours a day, needles can become your best friends.

From the first time I met Justine I felt immediately better! Her beautiful, smiling face, so familiar in some way. I trusted her immediately! Maybe it was because of her way of calming and understanding you straight away. She encourages you and pushes you in the right direction. She helped me not only physically, but she supported me emotionally and physiologically.

During the sessions I had the feeling to be more in contact with my baby who was happily kicking me for the time of the session.  At the end of it I always felt lighter and happier.

Acupuncture helped me also to give birth exactly at the due date.

I cannot recommend Justine strongly enough for any kind of issues. Not only her needles are “magical” but she is “magical”.

Thank you Justine for the unforgettable experience you gave me!

Isabella, Age 34

I went to see Justine a year ago as I was trying to conceive my first baby. I cannot emphasise enough the role Justine played in my pregnancy. I believe she was instrumental in getting me pregnant – after only 5 sessions with her. What I had also not anticipated is the emotional and physical support she provided, especially during that first trimester when I was tired, emotional, sometime scared. Justine’s treatments and weekly chats invariably gave me so much comfort and much needed energy. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alex, Age 32

Post Natal

Justine became part my life through a recommendation and every day since, I have been so thankful.

I suffered from post natal depression and severe post natal anxiety, I found that my acupuncture sessions were fundamental in keeping myself grounded through those difficult times. Not only for the actual energising work with the needles, but very much for the positive and safe space Justine creates for her clients to talk and share their issues, so that they leave feeling ready to face whatever comes.

I could write an essay about my experience with Justine and her work. She is truly unique in what she does and I would recommend her to every person I know – if I haven’t already!

Natalia Rosek, Age 34

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during my first pregnancy and was prescribed medication throughout my pregnancy and after. I was referred to see Justine by my Consultant Endocrinologist as I felt depleted and stressed due to a family tragedy experience and from solely nursing my son for almost a year. Justine really brought me back to life. Her treatments gave me back my energy and strength. Besides the obvious positive treatment effects Justine was always there to listen, support and share her vast knowledge and experience. I’ve really learned a lot! I could not thank her enough for how much she helped me reach my goals of feeling empowered, active, energetic and happy again. I saw her every week for a year. I am now medication free for the past 4 months and am considering having my second child.”

Emma, Age 31

I started seeing Justine for fertility acupuncture in my mid-thirties.  I had just come off the contraceptive pill having been on it for 15yrs and was hoping to get pregnant, but my cycle was all over the place and my periods were very light.  Justine was able to help on two major counts – with weekly acupuncture she was able to regulate my cycle within 3 months and also helped increase blood flow to thicken the lining of my uterus.  I fell pregnant within 3 months of acupuncture!  I continued to see Justine right through the pregnancy and also afterwards when Justine used acupuncture to help heal the C-section scar and restore balance after birth.  I had never had acupuncture before, but Justine had been highly recommended to me.  She is exceptionally calming and nurturing and each week I felt I could ‘hand myself over’ to her care and come out feeling wonderfully relaxed and rested (both mentally and physically) after each session.  I really believe Justine was instrumental in helping me fall pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as highly as she was recommended to me.

Gabby, Age 39

I feel very fortunate to have received regular treatment from Justine both during my pregnancy and postnatally. Her sessions made a huge difference to my health and wellbeing throughout what turned out to be a tremendously exciting but also challenging period of my life.

Justine’s approach is holistic in every sense of the word: her practice of Chinese medicine encompasses not only acupuncture but also consideration of dietary and lifestyle principles, as well as thorough examination of medical history all of which broaden and strengthen the impact of her work. She also has a delightful and generous bedside manner that gave me a great boost on even the darkest of days!

I could not imagine having been through my pregnancy without her and I am sure many other new mothers would say the same. A million thanks Justine!

Kate, Age 36

Justine is an amazing lady and someone who guided me expertly through the preparation for conception, conception itself, pregnancy and post-pregnancy.Her knowledge of female fertility is certainly second to none and her approach to treatment and the care of her patients is all encompassing. Her great understanding of what I was going through made the whole process a very calm and enjoyable one and her success with me was very evident in two children! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Rosie, Age 44


I have been seeing Justine regularly for the past 16 years and I honestly find it hard to succinctly express just how much of a positive and invaluable impact my sessions with her have had on me. Over the years Justine’s acupuncture has helped through many things; including post natal depression, anxiety, stress – created by the challenges of being a mother, physical pain due to injury and most recently acute symptoms of menopause. 

Apart from being outstanding and second to none in her professionalism as an acupuncturist, Justine has always offered so much more. She is always happy to listen (I often think of her as my therapist!), is attentive and unbelievably kind, and offers a seemingly inexhaustible wealth of knowledge on natural remedies, health and wellness. She truly is an essential part of my happy life and I feel immensely grateful that I have her in my life.

Andi, Age 52

I have been a regular patient of Justine’s for over fifteen years.  I was initially recommended to Justine to seek help with skin conditions; including eczema and psoriasis.

It quickly became clear to me that Justine’s acupuncture treatments, in combination with Chinese herbs and her invaluable counselling and guidance, would benefit me in so many more areas.

Justine has helped me through three pregnancies which included issues with infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, lack of periods and recovery from childbirth.

Her treatments are invaluable to me to recover energy, the ability to sleep and some semblance of calm, if that’s possible with three young boys!

Justine’s treatments for me are much more than simply acupuncture, she provides advice on nutrition, well-being and overall lifestyle management. Her 1 hour sessions are sacred to me, the best one hour of relaxation and sleep I have on a monthly basis.

Charlotte, Age 41

I started seeing Justine when I wanted to get pregnant with my second child. I have PCOS and it had taken me nearly 18 months to fall pregnant with my first, I didn’t want it to take that long the second time but my cycles were again very long and irregular (50-60 days) making it impossible to know when I was ovulating. Within 3 months of seeing Justine my cycles were around 35 days and I became pregnant.

I absolutely love seeing Justine, she treats the whole self not just the issue you want to focus on, plus is incredibly compassionate and caring.

About 18 months after my second child was born I experienced a completely unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, which was sadly ectopic (not whilst being treated with acupuncture) and Justine really helped me through the emotional and physical shock it brought me.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly, having seen her on many occasions for various ailments across the last few years since becoming a mother. Thank you so much Justine.

Minnie, Age 34

I have been seeing Justine over the past 4 years and she came to me via a recommendation. I went to see her to get help conceiving. When I found out that I couldn’t conceive naturally Justine helped me to find the right people to talk to, and via acupuncture helped  to get my body ready for IVF Egg Donation. Now 4 years on, I have a 2 year old and my second one on the way!
Justine has been there every step of the way. Acupuncture is both calming and healing and Justine has been a real support to me giving practical and emotional advice and encouragement along the way. She has a lot of experience and a very warm manner. Thank you Justine!

Rachael, Age 40

I was referred to Justine when we were having trouble conceiving our second child, having been told secondary fertility was common albeit hard to explain. Justine was the most wonderful support both emotionally and through her amazing expertise with acupuncture. When I did become pregnant again, Justine helped with morning sickness and keeping my energy levels high throughout, even easing the difficult uncomfortable last weeks considerably! I returned to Justine for my third pregnancy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help and/or support in this sensitive area – she was a godsend and I felt very lucky to have such a knowledgeable, kind and sensitive person to help through such a difficult and latterly joyful time.

Gabby, Age 32

You have made a huge difference to my wellbeing in every respect. You have taken the time to help me clarify my own muddle of thoughts and feelings and help me feel confident with the choices I’ve made.

Physically you have made me feel much better and stronger.

It made such a difference to have you acknowledge the challenges I have had following complications after the birth of my son 6 years ago.  Having repeatedly been telling my husband for four years ‘I’m tired’ after you took my pulse it was such a relief to hear you say ‘gosh you are tired’.

Mostly I find the effects of the acupuncture are subtle and relaxing, although on one occasion I felt a powerful sensation which you explained was a blockage being freed!

I came to you following a recommendation and I would, and do, recommend you to anyone struggling with their health. You are an amazing person with the ability to really make a difference to people’s wellbeing.

Gemma, Age 44


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I initially went to Justine to consult on a wide range of needs – physical injury (two slipped discs in neck), emotional stress management (loss of my mother) and nutrition (trial vegetarian).  Those needs have evolved over time to include transition into menopause, change in career, anxiety and sleep deprivation… whatever is happening in life, she helps me work on it.  She continues to exceed my expectations in every respect. She has an incredible ability to listen, offer insight and reassurance, and importantly translate my rambling concerns and aspirations into tangible opportunities to be unlocked and/or focused through acupuncture.

In my experience, she is far more than an acupuncturist; she is a life and well-being guide who continues to help me channel my physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social energy in positive ways.  Justine is an unassuming, warm, kind and gentle individual who happens to be a very talented practitioner.

Ann, Age 46

Justine has been treating me for almost 10 years, firstly for heavy periods, fatigue and anaemia. In recent years she has treated me for symptoms of the menopause, anxiety, and through a very stressful personal situation.

Justine is extremely knowledgeable in all matters relating to women’s health issues, she always gives the best help and advice and has complete empathy with how you are feeling. I always feel so much better after a treatment with Justine, physically and emotionally. I cannot recommend Justine highly enough not only as an incredible acupuncturist, but also as someone you always feel better for seeing.

Mary, Age 51

Justine is one of the more sensitive, honest and caring people I have had the good fortune to meet. When I first visited her and was at my lowest and most exhausted, she gave me the strength and guidance I needed to manage through my various challenges. Beyond just treating me with acupuncture, Justine became a friend and a mentor – she always speaks from the heart and gives huge support not only to me but also to my family. I now visit her regularly and can honestly say I that I have never felt better. She has helped me cope through the pain of menopause, always manages to ‘flip out’ infections when I go to her feeling unwell and relaxes me whenever I feel stressed. I cannot recommend Justine more highly – I am a total convert to the huge benefits from acupuncture but also to the sound, sensitive and intuitive guidance she has given me when working on issues in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for everything!

Claire, Age 56

When I’m up against it – and right now the challenges seem never-ending – I find it very hard to create the space I need to maintain an even keel. Work, teenagers, dogs, house, family – all seem to take priority over my own health. And so I cancel the gym, put off the dentist, reschedule the GP.
There is however one thing I never skip and that’s my acupuncture. Most people think of acupuncture as the sort of thing you do to treat acute conditions, such as a frozen shoulder. But it can act also as a kind of mental and physical therapy, rebalancing energy in the body, opening up blockages, calming and quietening the mind.
I first started seeing acupuncturist Justine Hankin for help with the menopause. It was in large part thanks to her that I was able to stop taking HRT. I now see her fortnightly without fail. And I really do mean without fail. On the rare occasions when circumstances force me to cancel, I really feel the absence of my treatment.
What she does is deceptively simple. A series of needles, always slightly different in location, accompanied by an explanation. “This week,” she will say, “I’ve worked on your immune system and your stomach.” Once when I was really upset about something but determined to bottle it up, she simply handed me a tissue and said, “sometimes it’s good to have a bit of a cry.” The tears flowed in a great river of relief.
This capacity to balance the emotions is not something I had ever associated with acupuncture. The only time I’ve ever experienced a similar feeling of bliss is when, in hospital, I’ve been given morphine.
A session with Justine is far better than any psychiatric session I’ve had or any pill. I don’t think I would have coped with the extraordinary challenges of the past couple of years. So much has changed about my life, not all for the best. But one thing I shall never regret: meeting Justine.

Sarah Vine

Get the Gloss

Emotional Support

I began visiting Justine around 2 years ago after being recommended by a friend of my mum. I had been suffering from a few health issues, mainly anxiety, depression, severe thrush and cystitis. I wanted to find something that would help me, aside from the usual drugs and creams, and therefore thought that I’d take a chance with Chinese medicine.

Justine’s acupuncture is to me like a relaxed therapy session, which I think is such a huge positive. She listens to your whole story, creating a profile of everything both emotional and physical. Justine then explains what she thinks she can do to help, putting you really at ease and explaining the ideas of energy lines and acupuncture points so that you know exactly what she is doing. When the actual needle session begins it is really painless and actually extremely relaxing; as someone who finds relaxation almost impossible on a day to day basis (even with the use of anti-anxiety medication), my acupuncture sessions are blissfully calm!

Since meeting with Justine, I have not only built up my ability to relax and understand how to calm my body down, but I have noticed a stronger ability to deal with my mental illness and escape from my head for a while. Physically I also feel that acupuncture has done me a world of good, and my cystitis and thrush problems have significantly reduced, as Justine has been able to shift the body’s energy flows so that they can run smoother again. I would wholly recommend Justine’s acupuncture sessions, especially if you need help with women’s health issues, that are often embarrassing, uncomfortable and not easily cured by just going down to the pharmacy.

Alicia, Age 26

I started my acupuncture treatment during a very stressful time at school when I was suffering from an undiagnosed set of symptoms (exhaustion, depression, severe bloating, short menstrual cycle). Acupuncture was one of several treatments recommended to me, and after finding little success with others I decided to give it a try. From the very first appointment I felt completely in safe hands with Justine – she was the first person that I thought fully understood my concerns and could help me. After my first few treatments it was already apparent the major improvements I was seeing; my tiredness had noticeably decreased, I was feeling happier and more stable, my bloating had become less severe and my menstrual cycle was already becoming more regular. Seeing Justine every week quickly became a necessary part of my routine and she helped me make a complete recovery. I now feel my best self again.

Penny, Age 17

I was at a very low point in my life with my mother having just had cancer, my father passing away from cancer and on top of that, my spritely, healthy son was suddenly diagnosed with epilepsy. I had always been a ‘coper’ and never felt I needed help, until then. However, I tried to speak to different people but nothing seemed to help. It was such a tough process of just meeting all the wrong people, which just fuelled the upset and stress. Until I found Justine.

Not only did she introduce me to the wonders of acupuncture, she is the most incredible person to speak to, listen to and get sound advice from. A couple of years on from when I first me Justine, I still think of the words of wisdom she gave me and helped me through such a tough time. I will continue to see Justine to maintain the calm that she induces and for any challenges life throws.

Helen, Age 34

I have been coming to Justine for over 10 years now and can honestly say she is a brilliant acupuncturist and a lovely person.  I initially went to her for headaches and period pains and more recently she has treated me for stress.

Justine’s treatment works wonders and always make me feel better – and give me an emotional boost.  Justine has a truly holistic approach and gives very helpful advice on improving your diet and the best supplements to take.  She is a fantastic listener, always very supportive and has a great approach to getting the right balance in life.  Everyone should have a Justine in their life!

Catherine, Age 51

I came to see Justine because I was losing a lot of hair, but it wasn’t alopecia and the doctors were unable to help or find a cause.  Justine delved deeper into the possible causes and we talked about the specific emotional pressures I had been under for some time (two very close friends had recently died of cancer leaving young families that I was helping with).  Over a number of months of regular sessions she worked on boosting my energy reserves and building up my strength.  Gradually my hair stopped falling out and I felt much stronger emotionally and physically.

Laura, Age 34

Justine has a magical way with people. Her approach takes you on a powerful journey of self-reflection, truth, healing and letting go. Each session with her has given me a new found sense of inner balance, positivity and strength.

I can’t say enough great things about Justine and highly recommend her to everyone who is in pain – physically and/or emotionally.

Julia, Age 45

Online Support

A colleague of mine had sung Justine’s praises, but it took a pandemic and being in the privileged position of suddenly having more time on my hands, to finally get in touch with her… The perpetually busy rhythm of life in London had always got in the way before.

Despite some uncertainty about how meeting online instead of in person was going to work, I could not be more grateful that I took Justine up on her suggestion to chat virtually. Since the start of lockdown, we have had regular online consultations.

Justine is an astute listener and a very warm and engaging person, which made me feel complete trust in her from the outset. She took the time to delve deep into my individual history and discuss what was working and not working so well for me. Through her invaluable expertise and tailored advice, she has helped me to make changes in every facet of my life that have directly improved my emotional and physical wellbeing. I feel noticeably happier and calmer. 

The online consultations have been enormously worthwhile. Thank you, Justine! 

Penny, Age 33

We might be separated by screens, but you wouldn’t know it – Justine is just as informative, reassuring and helpful remotely as she always has been face to face. I haven’t noticed the absence of needles, and have walked away just as calm and centred as Justine has always left me in the past. 

Priscilla, Age 35

We’d been trying for a baby for almost three years – countless fertility clinic visits, blood tests and failed IVFs. I started seeing Justine, recommended through a friend of my mums, at the beginning of September 2019 and fell pregnant naturally by the end of October.

After speaking to Justine for the first time I told my husband that this felt like a turning point – a change in the way I was going to start viewing our fertility, my body and mind.  Justine explained things to me so simply and effectively. Her style is incredibly kind but no nonsense which, for me personally, was just the kick up the proverbial I needed. I know the acupuncture was doing great things for me, but what really made an impact – and I believe what ultimately helped me get pregnant – was the consultancy with Justine. Consultancy sounds too formal, it felt like healing. After each session I came away with a much-needed boost, a refocus and sense of hope. She helped me believe I could get pregnant.

With Justine, your treatment is so much more than acupuncture. I won’t be hesitating to get in touch with Justine in the coming weeks as I enter the third trimester of pregnancy during Covid-19. In these uncertain times, I trust that Justine will be a great source of support and reassurance.

Sarah, Age 35

I was recommended to see Justine by a good friend of mine as my husband and I were going through fertility struggles.  Having suffered two miscarriages and lots of ups and downs along the way I felt this would be a perfect for me. 

The moment I met Justine it felt like a turning point. We must have sat talking for over an hour going through every step in such detail.  I cried, a lot! And Justine just listened and advised me in her warm and gorgeous manner.  I left feeling like a weight had been lifted and with a new positive energy.

From then on I had weekly appointments where I constantly felt emotionally and physically supported.  Justine’s extensive knowledge and advice meant my husband and I had appointments with the right medical experts, who found out it was a blood condition I carried causing the miscarriages .  I am now 6 months pregnant and can wholeheartedly say would not be where I am without Justine. 

Justine is so much more than the needles and I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a similar struggle.

Suzanne, Age 32

I decided to seek Justine’s help after suffering a number of miscarriages in trying for our second baby. From our very first consultation, I’ve felt in safe hands with Justine. She’s done wonders for my confidence and belief in my body’s ability to conceive and carry another baby. She’s a source of support, information, care and compassion. From advice on nutrition and wellbeing to help understanding my test results and options, I feel in a much better place. I’m very grateful to have met her!

Claire, Age 41

I could not recommend working with Justine more. Although I initially went to Justine for acupuncture she became such an intrinsic part of my support network during the often confusing and emotional fertility journey. 

Having Justine there in person or online to help me understand and break down the medical issues and test results was so helpful. She has such a great understanding of the whole body, so alongside her medical knowledge, she was also able to support me holistically to give me both lifestyle and nutritional advice to maximise my fertility.

Katy, Age 35

Justine is SO much more than an acupuncturist, she’s more like a friend, sage, doctor and mother rolled into one!
I was dealing with a lot when I started seeing Justine, and from the very first session I felt strangely comfortable bursting into tears and telling her everything that was whizzing through my mind. She is the sort of woman who you can really let down your guard with, which was such a luxury given how much we are wired to be strong all the time. By encouraging me to speak openly she was able to diagnose what I needed to do to feel happier and healthier. Her approach is truly holistic, incorporating both physical tips (what sort of supplements to take, delicious recipes to fix a cold, how much to exercise and rest), and also more psychological – identifying that I needed to slow down and giving me the confidence to stand up to/avoid circumstances that were causing me anxiety.
I cannot stress enough how much I cherished my weekly sessions with Justine, she is like a mother who only has your very best interests at heart.  Since moving away from London she has continued to support me during my pregnancy online and doesn’t seem to mind at all when I text at odd hours with panicked questions now that I am pregnant, and replies almost instantly. I credit her entirely with getting me to a position where my body felt ready to conceive!
Vanessa, Age 32

Justine is very holistic in her approach, she took the time to patiently understand all aspects of my life and get a good read on my health before making any recommendations to me. I have no doubt that my positive fertility results were directly impacted by the advice Justine shared with me. She is a real expert in this field and made recommendations to improve my diet, supplement intake, daily routine and mindset. I would positively encourage anyone contemplating any guidance on fertility to have a consultation with Justine, I am certain she will have a positive impact on your mentality and habits. She creates an open dialogue and always makes me feel comfortable, supported and open to sharing my journey. Justine is logical, practical and extremely knowledgeable, but warm and caring too.

Laura, Age 40


Justine is an acupuncturist, fertility coach and women's health expert with over 29 years' experience. She specialises in all aspects of women's health from adolescence to post-menopause, offering consultations both online and in person.


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