Vaccination Advice

If you are preparing your body for a Covid vaccination, or any vaccination, it is important you have a healthy, balanced immune system. Therefore, I thought you might find the following information from Chinese herbalist, Dom Joire helpful:

Do not have a vaccination on a day you are feeling unwell or rundown. 

Based on growing evidence, you can optimise your immune system with natural herbal products. For 3 weeks before and after your vaccination take the following: 

· Reishi mushroom: 1200mg twice a day 

· Vitamin C : up to 1000mg a day (preferably from bioavailable sources) 

· Vitamin D: 10 micrograms a day (preferably from bioavailable sources) 

· A diet rich in multi coloured vegetables and good pre-biotics, as a healthy gut health leads to a healthy immune system (e.g. turmeric, garlic, berries, apples, asparagus, green vegetables etc) 

On the day of your vaccination

· drink plenty of diaphoretic herbal teas like peppermint, elderflower and camomile (ideally all together) 

· make time to rest after the vaccine – go to bed early for a few days and have siestas if you can 

I received my vaccination two weeks ago, and whilst I felt fine, I was happy to have had a couple of days afterwards to take it easy and have some early nights. If possible, I would highly recommend you do the same.


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